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All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

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The articles below are written by our team members and guest authors in the aim of providing more information and additional support for those interested in (or currently using) GcMAF. They are not meant to replace or supersede any medical advice or treatment, rather to share information and provide updates happening within our company and community.

Man using sublingual dropper

In this article we will cover what sublingual administration is and how to do it correctly. If you are using our GcMAF spray, we particularly recommend reading this to ensure you receive the most benefits.

Fastiong clock concept diagram

If you’re interested in autophagy and how you can use fasting to induce it, there’s other crucial information you need to be aware of. Here, we discuss autophagy extensively, including its benefits and potential, as well as its relationship to fasting.

Colostrum powder and capsules on spoons

This article goes through the benefits of colostrum and how it can be used alongside, but not to replace, genuine GcMAF supplements. Colostrum on its own does not contain GcMAF, please beware of products which claim otherwise.

Chemical diagram of vitamin D2 and D3

In this article we’ll talk about the differences between D2 and D3, which of them is the superior form of vitamin D for supplementation and why.

Lady applying cream to face

The GcMAF and other supporting ingredients in our creams are some of the most potent and effective ways to reverse the signs of ageing and make your skin look younger, healthier and glowing.

Closeup of immune cells

Immunotherapy is the broader term for treatments which invoke a natural immune response to illness and disease. Also called biological therapy or biological response modifier therapy, immunotherapy has been at the forefront of a huge amount of very exciting scientific research in recent years.

Vitamin D - are you deficient?

A vitamin D deficiency can have serious consequenc because it is so critical to your overall health, especially protection from illness. This article lists the signs to look for to see if you are deficient.

Closeup of green juice

The primary goal with any successful detox approach should be to help support what the body does naturally. In this article we have compiled 4 important things to be aware when it comes to detoxing and to how to integrate them into your life.

Clif High

Recently we have been helping support prominent blogger Clif High with our products. Clif was recently diagnosed with cancer and is documenting his journey using GcMAFplus as well as other treatment methods via his YouTube channel.

Scientific illustration of macrophages

As a type of white blood cell that attack, eat, and destroy bacteria, macrophages play a big role in your immune system’s response to invaders. Additionally, they help your immune system adapt so that it can tackle viruses at a later date.

Green Ribbon for Lyme Disease

Below is a very special email we received recently from one of our customers. Litzy asked if we could share her story in the hope it would help give others who had Lyme Disease hope.

Lady doing tai chi

Tai Chi Chuan (literally Supreme Ultimate Boxing) is a Chinese internal martial art that traces its origins back to the Neo-Confucian Song Dynasty and the theories and practices of a 12th century Taoist monk named Chang Sang Feng.

Scientific diagram of nagalase enzymes

The key to the morbidity and mortality of human cancer is the infiltration, dissolution and subsequent total substitution of normal tissue with tumour tissue.

Man sleeping in bed

It has been shown that less than 5 hours of sleep per night over extended periods of time can increase the risk of premature death by up to 15%. Find out why and what you can do about this.

Scientist doing test

In total, there have been 150 research papers published by 300 scientists on GcMAF. What follows is a summary of just some of their promising findings.