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The videos and written testimonials below have been submitted directly to us by our customers. They are published unedited in their original format. Please be aware that results may differ between individuals and opinions expressed in these testimonials are from our customers not GcMAFplus® .

Teri, United States (2018)

Teri explains how GcMAFplus® helped her ongoing over many years.

Teri, United States (2021)

Teri’s latest update on her journey using GcMAFplus® products.

Corina, Australia

Corina explains how GcMAFplus® helped her immune system issues.

Stefan, Australia

Stefan explains how GcMAFplus® helped his father with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) as well as Pneumonia.

I have stage 3 ovarian cancer, my energy levels before using the new cream (8,000 ng), was 10-15% of normal. After using the new product only once, my energy level increased to 90-95% of normal (precancer). When I use it consistently, I even have more energy than that! The new product also has a wonderfully positive impact on my cognitive abilities, especially when I take iodine and milk thistle capsules with it. I love the new antiseptic pressure spout on the top of the jar which gives just the right application amount. I am truly blessed by GOD to have access to this miracle product.

– Marica P, United States

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I just started my Dad with very late stage cancer on the highest strength products and we have seen amazing results very quickly drastically reducing his LDH marker blood work and chemo rash. He has only had one round of mini r chop and which wouldn’t have given such reductions on it’s own.

– C.R. – United States

Before and after photos of chemo rash

Product used: Super Strength Spray + Cream

I have suffered with diverticulitis for 3 years, at first I did not know what it was. I had severe pain in my abdomen, so bad it felt like I was have a renal colic attack(kidney stones) this paid was very bad I persevered with it for 3 days, I had not slept or eaten anything not knowing what it was, it was not my appendix as it was on the other side, I could not work it out. My husband suggested he take me to hospital, knowing what I know about elderly people going to hospital I refused. My neighbour came to see me and bought her jar of GcMAFplus with her, she told me to apply to my abdominal area, as she said it helped her with her diverticulitis as it treated the inflammation, by this time I would have tried anything, I did not know anything about diverticulitis, but the pain was unbearable. I applied it all over my abdominal area every hour or so, after the 4th application the pain had subsided, I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch. I kept applying this miracle cream, every day 3-4 times a day. The inflammation went down, the pain had subsided and I was able to sleep again, I had never been in so much pain since my I had a renal colic attack. I then purchased the GcMAFplus product and used it daily on my abdomen for 3 months, 2 times a day, it is now under control. I am using this product now on my lymphatic area once a day and also on my abdomen once a day. I can not thank this company enough, I read all about the product when I was feeling better and this product is amazing, I am pain free

– Martha Z – Australia

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I purchased your product after I visited a GP to get an opinion on the dark black growth on my head which I only noticed with my receding hairline, I believe it may have been caused by not wearing a hat in the sun in my early years, I am now 70 years old and the growth was getting darker and I was getting concerned on whether it was a melanoma growth, I decided to visit the local GP who recommended me to a specialist which inspected the growth and said that a biopsy would be required to diagnose the growth, I then asked whether this procedure would leave a scare and the specialist advised that the size of the scare would depend on how deep or how wide the growth went under the skin, after seeing some of the head scares on the elderly at shopping centres and on the web I decided I wasn’t very impressed with the diagnoses and decided to look around for an alternative method of reducing the size of the growth. So I then starting checking the internet and came across your product and decided to purchase, I started by applying the product cream on the dark growth on my scale after I had shower at night and after my shower in the morning, I would rub the cream into the growth until it was absorbed into the skin, I kept on applying cream for approximately 3 months and found that not only did the colour of the growth change to my skin colour but it had reduced in size also (Images attached). I now apply the cream on the near invisible growth 3 times a day morning, afternoon and night and never go outside without wearing a hat, another thing I noticed since I lost most of my hair that I had no sensation in my scalp and now I have a bit of a scratch and I can feel my scalp skin when I brush the remainder of my hair after a shower. I will keep in touch with you and send you images on my progress and I will be ordering more product from you when very soon.

– Peter, Australia

Before and after using GcMAFplus® for sunspot

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

FYI I was able to get rid of Prostate cancer, stage 4, with GcMAF. Thank You so much W**** C**** Sent from my iPhone

– W C, United States

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I had a nagalase test done just out of curiosity, thinking I was very healthy. My count on the 20 of November was 1.46 it should be between 0.32 – 0.95. I used super strength 15000mg cream daily. 20th of February came back as 0.90 I was both thrilled and amazed that my viral/nagalase count. I am now using the 8,000ng GcMAFplus cream as my skin has cleared up so much since using this cream on my face and lymphatic area.

– Debora C, United States

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

To anyone considering GCMAF as a treatment for autism, I would like to tell you about my experience. I have been disillusioned with BigPharma drugs as long as I can remember. I did extensive research and discovered that autism is 99% probably caused by vaccines, specifically the MMR vaccine, and there is evidence and a full documentary on Bitchute that reveals this. Here’s another link that blows the whistle. In fact, the CDC has now removed their (lying) claim that vaccines do not cause autism (because it is proven now). Anyway, feel free to watch those videos that really give you clear evidence of what causes autism. regarding my son’s autism, I bought GCMAF Super Strength and sprayed it under his tongue every day for around 6 months. He went from being barely communicative to being regularly communicative. His older brother notices it the most as he spends every day with him. He is still making progress. Important though, as well as the GCMAF is 1. No sugar. 2. Avoid white carbs and dairy 3. Daily supplements to boost vitamins D, C, and K. High protein diet with beans, fresh green vegetables and fresh fruit daily will help. Most of all I think the GCMAF reduced the key symptom, which is brain inflammation. In addition, my step-father was told by his doctor he would die of prostate cancer if he didn’t have his enlarged prostate cut out. My wife and I gave him GCMAF. In 3 weeks his prostate shrunk by 65% and he was peeing like a fountain. These are our experiences. Good luck to you all. Alfred.

– Alfred, US

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

Hello – the following is to add to your many wonderful testimonials. Please only use my initials and country for I.D. Thanks. I found out about GcMaf from a friend who had stage 4 colon cancer – and has made an amazing recovery. My husband had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer, stage 3-4. His PSA was 171 – higher than the doctor had seen previously. The doctor recommended hormone treatment and radiation treatment. We are both elderly, and face death openly, and turned down the radiation treatment on quality of life issues. Within 3 months on hormone therapy and GcMaf oral spray my husband’s PSA dropped to 12. At six months tumours have shrunk to 1/3 of original size and the prostate is shrinking back to normal size. The doctor thinks it was the hormone therapy, (he does not know about the GcMaf) but this is more effective than hormone therapy normally acts. We know that was due to the GcMaf. As well, we have really appreciated the team, not only in their dedication to producing GcMaf, but also in their care and contact during delivery. We were in a situation that needed special attention for delivery to us, and everything was taken care of effectively and with authentic consideration. EK Canada

– EK Canada

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

We have a 4 year old son with autism, we thought we would purchase the cream to help his immune system. We purchased the 1500ng cream, we applied it once a day for a week. He was on the couch, and went to the door rail that is child proof and called Mommy, we have noticed he is more aware of his surroundings and he is trying to talk more often. Even his teachers have noticed the difference as he is more responsive. This product has certainly helped him and us.

– Martin S, United States

Product used: 1500ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

There was never a diagnosis. It looks like a skin cancer. It was a rash the doctors couldn’t cure for months. Within 1 month of using the 15,000ng cream it was gone.

– Margaret, Australia

Rash before using GcMAF

Rash after 2 weeks

Rash after 4 weeks

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

Thank you, Robert! I will be placing my order, and I can wait for 5 days. But I want to thank you for giving me the code ahead of time. You and your company are a blessing to our family. You go “above and beyond” to service your customers. The human touch is missing in so many companies today. Thank you for your willingness to help me. Sincerely, LB. PS: Your product helps a lot. My husband has had stage 4 prostate cancer since 2015, but we’ve kept it at bay these many years by using your product and several other natural products/treatments. The doctors are flummoxed by my husband’s situation which makes me smile. At the beginning, they would ask what we were doing but I’d made a decision to not share our protocol since I was concerned that they would attack your product and the others. It’s been 7 years since my husband’s operation and the realization that the cancer had already spread, and for much of this time he’s been using GcMAF, initially from companies that were subsequently forced out of business and then from your company. As a side note, my husband does not get sick. He was surrounded by all of the family who got covid, but he didn’t. I’ve had RSV, but he hasn’t caught it. I believe that his amazing health (and amazing stamina) is due to GcMAFplus® and his cancer protocol.

– LB, United States

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

We have a 5 year old autistic son, we decided to try the cream, we did not think it would make such a difference, not so quickly anyway. we used the product for two weeks, and as i was sitting on the porch, he sat next to me and said, its wamr today, just like that. i was amazed as we never expected this, so we are going to keep using this product with him, his special needs teacher said he is more attentive in class.

– Robert, United States

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Natural Cream

Hi Anastasia, I forgot to add an important detail to my daughter’s testimonial in that she had been recently completely non-verbal. This is the revised testimonial with this information added, which I typed in bold letters. We began administering the GcMaf products to our five-year-old autistic daughter to complement other natural autism healing protocols we were giving her. She had made a lot of progress with the natural healing products. However, we quickly noticed that once we added the GcMaf, her recovery speeded up substantially. She has recovered so much that her autism ATEC score dropped to a 10, which means that she no longer qualifies as autistic. Even though she still has language comprehension and speech delay, she has improved much in this area, as she was completely non-verbal up until a year prior. She has also lost most of her former autistic behaviors. We still continue giving her the GcMaf and have faith that we will lead her to a full recovery soon.

– DC, United States

Product used: Super Strength Spray + Cream

My daughter came round yesterday and felt the trauma….and said OMG its smaller i can NEVER thank you enough. i can only PROMISE i will spread this to every 1 on the earth. may god bless you all

– Anonymous live chat message

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

Hi, GcMAFplus people. I do not know how many times I have ordered from you now. Maybe 4-6 times. This time I joined forces with my good friend A***** D*****. We order together and the strongest jar plus one of the 8000ng ones is for him and his family. He was diagnosed with myelomatosis last february and has gone through chemo, stem cell treatment and surgery. The oncologist is amazed how fast and well he has healed from this serious condition and the last MR scan showed that the holes and fractures in his back bone is healing and getting filled up again. And there is no sign of cancer cells on blood tests. Their family is quite poor, but they prioritize using funds on GcMafPlus ceam. They have not been hit with flu or hard colds as they have used to. Even their sceptical daughter is now using the cream profylactic a she has seen that it works over night if the feels something coming.

– Mari – Norway

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

These pictures were submitted by a customer documenting treatment of a cyst using only GcMAFplus over a period of 10 days.

– Submitted by customer

Cyst before treatment

After 3 days using only GcMAFplus

After 10 days using only GcMAFplus

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

First I want to thank you for the free samples included with my last order. I shared them with my sister who is also now a customer. I have not been able to stop talking about your product. It is truly a miracle!. My 4 year old son suffers from Autism and we started noticing results within the first couple of days of application. It’s been two weeks now and he is communicating so much more now. He made eye contact recently and I felt like we connected like we haven’t in a long time if ever. I simply told him that I love him but I was flooded with thoughts and emotions. I was mostly thinking how nice it was to finally meet him and how glad I was to see him coming out of his cage. Ironically, I see his Autism as a blessing in disguise because I would have never learned about GcMafplus if not for him. I even starting using it on myself and the rest of my family.

– Patricia P – United States

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

Hello products are working great, every day I feel more and more effects in my brain. Tingly feelings moving throughout my head. I feel as if a hole in my brain is closing. My movement is much better. I feel smoother in my movement and when juggling it feels as if there is jumps in my coordination and I drop everything as my coordination is changed.I also am diversifying in my behaviours. I feel more interested in new things. Repetitive behaviour is changing. Also I see emotions more. I also have more attention. I feel changes every day but the changes are nearly completed. I soon will feel nothing and will be at the bottom. The thing I notice the most is my movement. It just feels so smooth and nice. I feel strange that all the aspbergers is gone. also I feel nothing when I drink kombucha now and I dont know whether this is because this has completed its benefits or the GCMAF has done it first. Also my interactions with people are so much better now. I stare so hard at people when they talk and listen so hard. Also I notice peoples emotions more.

– DM, United States

Product used: Super Strength Spray + Cream

My Wife hade a lump on left breast didnt now what it was she hade it for four years before doctor visit and diagnostic she was strong as usal no problems. Doctor visit resulted in diagnos Breast Cancer with spreading. My wife was shoked and i confused but i have read alot about cancer on Google so i am little Google Doctor also socialmedia but i dont have experirnce . So i set up a protocol And try to find all god products i have been reading. Gcmafplus products was my first line of choise of bying the spray and the strongest cream . She is doing very good and she feels the working of the produkts It was 8 Months ago the diagnos. And she is doing very well all the time. We are very satisfied with the products and we will have it All the time so i hope this products will be possible to buy for long time. The customer service is also fantastic, they are very helpful. I am very gratful to the assisting.

– Z,C Sweden

Product used: Super Strength Spray + Cream

I have Common Variable Immune Disorder which means I don’t make enough antibodies to fight infections. The treatment is IVIG (intravenous antibodies taken monthly – made from other people’s blood). The IVIG wasn’t working and I stopped several months ago. I have been taking GcMAFplus® for 6 weeks now and had a blood test to show my IVIG went from 1.2 (my normal count) to 5.95 (the normal range is 7 to 14. I am not on any other treatment. I will continue GcMAFplus® for another 3 months and then hope to see a normal IVIG reading. The product is truly amazing – I feel so much better, and the ongoing mucous and congestion I have had for years has cleared up.

– Mary Degrades, US

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I became aware of gcmaf after Dr. Bradstreet had success with autistic children. Dr. Bradstreet died under suspicioius circumstances. David Knoakes ( his videos) was curing cancers that have the highest mortality rates. I spoke to Teri Davis Newman (look for her videos on alternative platforms) and asked her which GCMAF she used to keep her alive as she is the only known survivor of her type of cancer. Her sister died of the same 100% fatal cancer. She told me to order the most powerful cream and spray from I did that and my brother who had terrible issues from being on the autism spectrum. His issues melted away for the first time in his life at 36 years old! I travelled the world with him for the next few years because I had my brother back! None of this would be possible with the CORRECT gcmaf. There are intentional companies making total crap to try and discredit this company. Don’t be fooled by these evil people. This is the real type of GCMAF and there is nothing more powerful than boosting your immunity have your body fix itself. I have had friends use this type of GCMAF and had their blood panels done and the immune system biomakers are so strong the doctor can’t believe it. BUY IT. This is the best GCMAF on the market and the only trusted source I know of. It saved my brother from a lifetime of hell. The people in this company are persecuted by the evil bastards that are their competition in the pharmaceuticul industry. That tells you that you are on the right path!

– Jason, Stockholm Sweden.

Product used: High Strength Spray + Cream

I forgot to tell you, I have been using 3 sprays in the nebulizer with Isaiah recently. He is becoming more social. Just this morning when my husband went to wake him, he said, “Good morning”. This was unprompted. Then when I said good morning to him he said, “Hi Mom”. Those are the little things that mean so much. It is like he is beginning to understand that we are here and we are his parents. It is wonderful and very welcome! We long to have conversations with him.

– Anonymous, US

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

My kids have been pooping a ton.. I feel like I’m already seeing gains Especially social. I believe it! My kids hugged and wanted to play together for the first time I’m already a believer in the product! Now should I stay at one spray a day or slowly Increase to 2?I used the sample lotion too and it’s shrinking a node in my 5 yr old necks she’s has since 15 months old with EBV. Great. One thing I notice is the increase in bowel movements and urination, for all of us. I also got a detox rash come out on my elbow bad behind my knee which has since cleared. My 5 year old has had a node in her neck the size of a small grape since 16 months old when she had EBV, it’s 75% the size ! Nothing has ever worked and we did lymphatic drainage for a couple months. She also sent me a photo of her breast where the cream is detoxing stuff through her skin.

– Margaret, US

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I can’t say for sure when I got Lyme disease. I had many of the symptoms growing up but never had the bullseye rash. My symptoms were depression, anxiety, joint pain that went from one joint to another, night sweats, irritability, brain fog, a “knot” on the right side of my neck, swollen lymph glands that would rotate from one area to another, and vertigo that would land me in the ER monthly. I got diagnosed by a chiropractor in Portland, Maine, 6 or 7 years ago. When I started using GcMAFPlus I had gotten many of my symptoms under control with herbs and antibiotics. Some of the symptoms were beginning to creep back as I have chronic Lyme. As long as I use GcMAFPlus products daily I have no symptoms. These products are my lifeline. I can’t imagine being without them.

– Gemma R, Australia

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I have been using GcMafplus for my chronic herpes viruses for six months. And now I am definitely in remission. It did take about 3 months for the lesions to lessen, and no new flares, I cant believe it, that this product could help with the herpes virus. It has now been 6 months and no flare ups My immune system it so much stronger now too, I don’t even get a cold or sick This has changed my life as I am not embarrassed to go out anymore as I don’t have these crustations on my lips I don’t even have sinus anymore.

– Merry D, Spain

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I’ve had a small patch of scalp psoriasis since I’ve been 18. I’m 41 now and have tried all kinds of natural remedies, etc but nothing has ever helped. I’ve never used any type of pharma medicines as I want to avoid that stuff at all costs and figured I’d rather just live with it than go down that patch. On a whim I decided to try using the 15,000 ng cream on it and amazingly enough, it’s completely healed it. I had also been using the spray but it never really had any effect on the psoriasis. The cream has completely knocked it out so thanks for providing such a great product. I’m officially a believer

– Lance F, United States

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I had an accident 8 years ago, in which my L4 vertebrae was pushed forward, out of the spinal column 4mm, toward my belly button. I have had pain daily ever since in Quadratus Lumborum. This is the muscle that runs from my 12th rib to the crest of my hip bone in my lower back, on the right side. The neurosurgeon recommended a spinal fusion of L3, L4 and L5. When I saw the model of all that metal that would be screwed into my bones, I decided not to do it, and hoped to find another way to deal with the pain. I read about how well GcMAFplus® works on eliminating inflammation, which is what prompted me to start taking it, amongst other reasons as well. I purchased the 8,000ng GcMAFplus® Natural cream on 7/15/2020 and started using it immediately. It has now been 7 weeks, and the pain has not returned. To go from living in pain for 8 years, to being pain free is nothing short of miraculous in my life. I could not be more happy to have come across this AMAZING product. It is a gift from “GOD”. I have included pictures of my Spine as well as the Surgeons model for all to see the bigger picture of what i was really dealing with, and how serious it is.

– JW, United States

L4 pushed out photo

Surgeon's fusion model

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Natural Cream

Robert / Friends at GcMAFplus, I have been using the lowest potency of both the spray and cream now for about 10 days twice a day. Within a day or two I was healed from chronic nerve pain which I had on and off for several years. This nerve pain would travel throughout my body and I wasn’t able to heal it with Cranial Sacral Therapy or working with a Healer though there was some measure of improvement through these therapies. The most painful of the nerve pains was rectal. I got relief when I laid on my side or stood up and shifted my weight to one foot. (When shifting the weight to the other foot I would feel the pain. This alternated between the feet depending on the day. The pain in the rectum did not radiate down to the foot but simply presented itself when I bore weight on one of my feet.) It was very painful for me to sit as well when the nerve pain picked up. I am very grateful for this miraculous product and for being healed from nerve pain. I plan on giving a follow up testimonial in a few months. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Best Regards from the East Coast of the US. Fondly, Ester

– Ester, US

Product used: Medium Strength Spray + Cream

First of all, I would like to thank Thomas and Keti on their excellent service and more than professional conduct during troubles we had with Auspost ( delivery was 30 days late). Because of that they sent us double of what we ordered and when Auspost finally delivered we ended up with three times more creams than we ordered. Creams in question are basic 1500ng and because of their generosity, we could also be generous and share creams with our friends and family. We decided to try the cream primarily because of my father in law, 62 years old, ex smoker, who suddenly got in a really bad condition which made him quit smoking year ago. Since then he’s been getting worse and worse and doctors can’t seem to establish diagnosis (it’s not cancer nor COPD, heart is ok, blood too, oxygen level too). Since he started using cream, he gained 4 kg (before cream he lost 25 kg), he doesn’t have nausea any more (before cream almost every day), but that pain (or gouging feeling as he calls it) in chest is still there. He even reduced using cream to once a day because he claims it makes him feel worse. Maybe it’s just strong reaction to healing process, i don’t know. My wife (44) had chronic fatigue syndrome which is pretty much gone since she started using cream. She also had pain in ankles and wrists which are significantly reduced. Last year she had pain in left side of stomach and she’s been diagnosed with enlarged spleen and Epstein-Bar virus. Now, pain in stomach is gone, she’s yet to see doctor for Epstein-Bar. (hopefully, there won’t be any) Our daughter (24) had some kind of drops in energy, especially in the morning and after meals. They are significantly reduced now. Our friend (63) have Sjogren’s syndrome since she was 18. Last several years she gained lots of secondary diseases, such as: polyneuropathy, which spread through her left foot. She also has nephritis, her blood pressure is unstable (high, low, high again etc). She is delighted with cream and it’s effects, her foot is up again, it’s not numb anymore and she is much more stable on it. Her primary illness damaged her eyes significantly, they used to be red and dry all the time and now her eyes are much, much better. Her face and neck used to be swollen all the time ( swollen glands, to be precise) and now her face looks normal again, she couldn’t be happier, she’s feeling so much better generally. My wife’s sister and her son suffer from eczema, they both have it on their hands, she on her left hand, between two middle fingers and son has it on both whole hands. Her hand is almost healed now, (there are pictures in the attachment) and her sons hands are much better since they started with cream.That’s it for now, lots of improvements on all of us, tomorrow we are ordering stronger cream (8000 ng), thanks to Thomas and Keti again and God bless. All the best Zoran

– Zoran, United States

Before and after finger eczema using GcMAF

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

24 years ago I was, stung by over 100 wasps, doctors never treated me. 3 months after that my 1st anaphylactic shock occurred. I had developed several severe allergies to various thing including the following:, Monosodium Glutamate MSG (e621), acetone, and many pharmaceutical products, especially antihistamine. I was diagnosed with N.A.S.H. (non alcoholic stileto hepatitis) 23 years ago, and given 5 years to live. This mean my Liver is destroyed and can’t regenerate. As a result of this I stuff severe Gout almost constantly. Gout tablets prescribed by my G.P. cause my body to cramp often stopping my heart. Now only about ½ a lung is working and I have been through pleurisy left severely asthmatic. I live in constant fear of strokes( had several mini ones and now) being near any of my allergens as my body can just lock up in spasm and stop heart any time and does quite regularly. I can’t live without oxygen near me all the time and always carry Epipens. I have many epipens kept in strategic places. I truly believe that the only reason I am still alive is due to GcMAF.

– JL, United Kingdom

Product used: Super Strength Spray + Cream

Hi! I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to sit down and write a review for GCMAFPlus! I am a mother of a 24-year-old son who has suffered with a bad stomach since third grade. When he turned 22 years old for no reason he unexplainably lost 60 pounds in less than a year. He looks like he’s stage four cancer patient. Doctors cannot find anything wrong with him. He has pain all throughout his body and he cannot eat and can barely digest food. For the last two years we have tried everything. His stomach is so bad… Since starting him on GCMAF plus, he has gained 12 pounds in 5 weeks and is able to eat three meals a day! Before he could barely eat one meal a day and he was lucky to keep it down. It worked on him super fast! I have a close friend with Gastro paresis and we are trying it out on her next! Standby for my next review. This product is absolutely amazing. I might add that I also have a 13-year-old son with Tourette’s syndrome who has been taking GCMAFplus for six weeks now. He no longer has the tics associated with Tourette’s syndrome. He has not taken his CBD oil in over a month. I believe GCMAF plus also works for Tourette’s syndrome! My son shows no more signs of it! Thank you. You guys truly are awesome

– KL – United States

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I burnt my wrist badly on the metal of a space heater, I was in the woods in a log cabin, for rest and recreation, I was there for the next 12 days, I had nothing but antiseptic and my immune cream in the means of first aid I did not know what to do, so I washed the wrist and then applied the gcmafplus cream I had for my immune system, I used it on my wrist several times a day and on my lymphatic system. The photos are day one and progressing then continued to use for one month I could not believe the healing that took place, please see for your selves. It is unbelievable. Thank you gcmafplus

– Myla, USA

Burn on wrist before and after using cream

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

We spoke some time ago about your brother, we heard about his situation through our connections through natural childbirth. My son is Autistic, and we ordered the GMAF cream. To be honest, we didn’t use it right away, it took us over a year to be consistent with it, only because we were so overwhelmed with his diet and a gazillion other things that parents of Autistic children try to do to help their “caged” children. It’s been two weeks of consistent use, and all I can say is…WOW! I’m almost in tears writing this to you. Just… thank you! He’s not fully recovered by any stretch, but he’s responding in ways that are mind blowing. He’s actually having short conversations now, he only uses a few words, but it’s enough to completely freak us out. He even has a little sense of humor and knows he’s being funny, and even makes an effort to interact with us!!

– Gary, United States

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Natural Cream

My son was diagnosed with Lyme by a blood test from Igenix lab about 8 years ago. We tried treatments with herbs and energy treatments for some time. We eventually found GcMAF. We used the cream and antibiotics to get his Lyme under control. His symptoms were: foot pain, aggression, rages, night terrors, night sweats, bone aches, vertigo, absence seizures, difficulty following even 1 step directions, and headaches and gastrointestinal issues. We have seen improved comprehension and reduced symptoms with continued use of GcMAFPlus cream. Last year we added GcMAFplus® spray in a nebulizer and attained potty training in 6 months. This was from a child who didn’t self initiate the potty prior. He is able to “hold it” now until we reach a restroom. Outings are much more enjoyable and less complicated. We are continuing to use the cream and spray in combination. We are seeing gradual improvements. He is able to fight off illness and has improved immune response. Illness doesn’t last as long.

– Lawrence K, United States

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I am a young mother of one child, I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for most of my life in a severe form. There have been hospital trips and hospital admissions many times a year. I have been on all the medication prednisone and many other drugs, I have had acupuncture and homeopathic and holistic medicine to no avail. I was getting sicker and weaker and with a young child and a single mother I was worried about who would bring up my child should anything happen to me. A friend told me about GcMAF, and told me about a company that is certified organic so I thought I would not be allergic to anything and will give it a try. Well to my surprise, after using eh 8,000ng cream everyday for one month I started to see a difference for the better. I have used it now for about 6 months and have never felt better. I have no pain, I can eat anything I like, I have energy that I never had before. Thank God for this company and their products.

– Elspeth R, United Kingdom

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I have tried everything, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been suffering with chronic pain for many years. I have many other symptoms as well. I have been using Gcmaf now for two months and feel fantastic! I am amazed at what this has done to my body. With the doctors advice I have been able to come off my medication and that feels so great, knowing I now am treating the cause.

– Elefteria M, Greece

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

After 1 day treating with only antiseptic

Day 2 after using GcMAF

Day 3 after using GcMAF

I was bitten by a spider and used antiseptic to treat it but the infection just keep discharging. When I told a friend she told me to come over and use a spray she was using for another issue. I sprayed the gcmaf onto the area two to three times that day and by the morning it had improved and no more discharge. Then I did the same the next day and by the following evening it was much better. I was quite amazed. My friend asked me to take some pictures and write this so here they are.

– Samantha T, Australia

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I suffer with fatigue, from Lyme disease, I have been using GcMAFplus for 6 months now and have seen a significant change in my foggy head and also the aches and pains in my body

– Annie T, UK

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I am a senior, (70 years young) taking care of my health because I have quite a serious Atrial fibrillation, for decades now. I have been focusing on detoxing over this past year (with herbs, proteins, and colloidal Silver together with electron pulsing). I am absolutely certain that the efficiency with which my body has been handling this process, the gentleness of the reactions, and the excellent bloodwork results I discussed this week with my M.D. are due to my including the GcMAFplus® products in my daily self care. Heartfelt thanks to all of you. I cannot recommend these products highly enough. Cheers.

– Senior Citizen, United States

Product used: 1500ng GcMAFplus® Natural (Frankincense)

My name is Michael, I have been taking GcMAFplus for approximately 6months now and the result has been very positive to say the least. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease over 4 years ago and have spent the time since in a constant battle to defeat this disease. Between numerous different doctors and naturopaths the results were slow, extremely costly, time consuming and sometimes very disappointing. Although my health was improving over time, it was so slow that it took somebody else other than myself to notice them. Since I have added GcMAFplus to my medication regime the results have been extraordinary. I am now back doing some work and I am looking forward to the future again.

– Michael – North Qld, Australia

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

Luca crawled out of his bed past his side rails and went down the step stool for the first time in his life. He then walked to the door and realized it was a child proof lock and called out “momma”. He is now more aware of what is around him and he is trying to talk even more. Before he never cared what was around him. He has never had the strength to climb anything! Last night he dropped his cup in the sink and couldn’t reach it and called out “momma help”. Then his teachers came out to me today and told me Luca is playing duck duck goose and he followed along in story time and responded! He is definitely “with us” more

– Jena, United States

Product used: 1500ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I have had a growth on my nose for some time, I have been using this cream for a month and the growth is no longer there, so I applied it on my dog who had a lump on his ear, I noticed the lump became smaller and now is not there anymore. I am truly amazed at this cream.

– Cynthia, United States

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I have suffered with fibromyalgia for the last 6 years, the pain in unbearable at times, if you can imagine an image of a body, that has bruising all over it, from top to toe, that is what fibromyalgia is. No matter what I did I never got relief, I could not work, I could not concentrate I could not live a normal life as the pain was constant. A friend of mine had done some research and told me about this cream GcMAFplus my parents purchased it for me as by now without being able to work I was living with my parents as I could not afford to live on my own and also I was not well enough to look after myself. I started to use the cream on my lymphatic area as directed, I really did not hold much hope in the cream or anything as I was told I would just have to learn to live with it. I kept using and applying the cream, then I started to use the cream on my arms as the pain was so bad, I continued to use it then I would apply to my thighs and little by little I started to feel less pain I had not noticed that I was able to sit for longer periods and not have to lay down, I then had a clearer thinking which was not the usual foggy head. My parents noticed the improvements and day by day I got better, I am still using the product, I am now working part time and I no longer need nana naps during the day, I don’t have the pain throughout every muscle in my body and the swelling has gone from my feet I am very happy with this product as it has helped me start to feel human again and live a relatively normal life. Not house bound or bed bound.

– Anonymous

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I had severe problems with mould growth on my toes to the point they had turned black and were about to get amputated. I had tried a lot of other things which never worked until I bought the GcMAFplus 15000 cream. Within 4 weeks my toes were cleared up fully as you can see from the pictures. I now use it on a lump on my forehead which has reduced in size and colour. Thank you.

– Sam T, Australia

Mouldy toes before

Toes after using GcMAF

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I fell almost a year ago. I have been struggling with severe back pain since then. When I woke up in the mornings I was extremely stiff and had major pain. I could not bend to feed the cat, could not sit down to use the bathroom facilities and walked hunched up and crooked. I could barely get out of bed in the mornings. In the middle of the night I could not turn over in bed. Within one week of using GCMAF I could do all the above (struggling with turning over but that has improved) . I am not completely pain free; but it has now been two weeks and it is a “major” improvement. I can’t imagine how good I will feel after continued use. I highly recommend these products. It has definitely improved my quality of life.

– JD – United States

Product used: 15 000mg GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I recently purchased the lower strength cream for my dad who had a very itchy rash on his arms and legs. He has finished the jar and the rash is very much better. He is very pleased with the results and I have ordered another jar.

– Anonymous

Product used: 1500ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

Hello, I buy regularly from you, both gcmafplus 8000 n and 15000, I use for myself just general health boost and for my elderly mother for alzhiemers and my elder brother who has spasms etc akin to parkinsons. we all are getting a healthy boost and feel its for the better. thank you. my mother now 96yrs old. going pretty strong. anyway one friend of her has c.o.p.d and has to sit with an oxygen m/c for 90% of her day. I mentioned gcmaf and that I would try look into it for her, if it would help. if only to reduce the time pr day she sits with it on. i am very impressed by what I and friends are seeing in results all round.

– D M, United Kingdom

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I am a seventy-year-old man and like many men my age I have prostate issues.  I was experiencing urination frequency; I was up many many times at night to go to the toilet to urinate. I had been using GcMAFplus to help my immune system, but I had never thought of using it on my abdomen. I am happy to say that with the second night that I applied the cream to my abdomen that I only got up once to go to the toilet.  I have used the cream on my abdomen now and every night and I go to bed at 11 pm and I don’t need to get up until 6 am to go to the toilet. I am very grateful to the team at GcMAFplus for supplying me with such a great product, the product I used was the 15,000ng cream

– George T Greece

Product used: 15 000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

Just ordered second batch of your product gc maf plus. My wife and I have noticed a great improvement in our health after using your product. We are in our mid 60s so we need a re booth to get a few more healthy years. My M .E which i have had since 2003 has greatly improved. Thank you so much, kind regards.

– R C – United States

Product used: Medium Strength Spray + Cream

I have a chronic tooth problem daily pain. I used the cream and the pain was completely gone the next day. This pain I have had for years and years and have had various dental issues. I started the spray 5 days ago and by the second day all of the pain in my gums was gone. I still do not have pain absolutely nothing no pain, I cannot believe it.

– Clare R, United Kingdom

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

Personally so far these are the changes I am experiencing after using the 8000ng Original Cream for one month. I have not been diagnosed with any disease so have nothing to report there. I just felt guided to buy this product. 1. My skin seems to be getting thicker. After a hyperthyroid event 2 years ago my skin got paper thin. I corrected my own thyroid imbalance with a change in my diet and with the energy medicine work I do. My blood tests show normal thyroid levels for over two years now. I baffled the endocrinologists as they had never seen anyone correct a “graves disease’ issue on their own. 2. I had also broken out with scally sores that itched on my legs and arms I believe from the detoxing I did with my liver after my hyperthyroid event and from the C60 I took. Almost all cleared up within a year and I still had several on my ankles. I have used a small portion of the cream on these sores directly every day now for a month and they are now almost healed. 3. My energy level has increased and I can walk and do more physical things than a month ago for a longer period of time. 4. My skin on my face and wrinkles are starting to disappear. I do not use the cream on my face and just put it on my lymph nodes on my neck, under my arms near my breasts, and a small amount on the lymph nodes on either side of my groin area. 5. I had some fibroid cysts on the sides of my breasts that were hard and these have disappeared. 6. I also put a small amount of the cream on some of the broken capillaries on my ankle area and I have seen a small change with them as they are not as many and do not stand out so much anymore. I figure another few months using the product and they will disappear. 6. I have had a deep cough for 6 months that is now less and less. Meaning, I am coughing less and it is not so deep. My quantum biofeedback program showed it was from an allergy I had to the pollen. My body had never reacted to pollen in the past. After researching I found most allergies are from a weakened immune system and I needed to strengthen mine more and this cream is doing the job! I am very jazzed about that. Plus I feel my metabolism is also strengthening. Give me another month or two and my intention is I will see even more of a difference. Even my digestion is improving.

– Jolin, US

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Natural Cream

We have been using GcMAFplus for about 2 years now. My mother is 80 years old and every year she would be in hospital with the flu, bronchitis and once with pneumonia. Since we purchased our GcMAFplus, we have been using it every day on her. She has not been hospitalised for any flu, cold bronchitis, which was a yearly issue. She has built up her immune system and is doing very well.

– Helen S, Australia

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

Thank you with appreciation for this info and your guidance. I have been ill for many years with a chronic liver and the many symptoms I’m experiencing, after just 6 days use of your GcMAFplus® many symptoms are retreating and it’s the best I have felt physically, mentally and emotionally in years. I am into vibrationally energy dowsing and know from this that your product and the people involved are authentic and truthful. The 50,000 spray resonating with my body when it was brought to my attention just over a week ago. God Bless you and the product for I am so grateful and I am sharing and telling people about this.

– M.O. – United States

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I have been using GcMAFplus now for one year. My wife purchased it for my eczema. I did not think it would work but amazingly enough my skin started to heal.

– Ricky P, United States

Product used: 8000ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

Here’s something interesting about the spray. I got it on Thursday and was having pain issues with a back molar. I’ve never had dental issues in my whole life. I’ve got some fillings, but I’ve never had a root canal or anything tooth related, but I’m almost 60 and nothing lasts forever, so I figured the tooth was going bad because it REALLY hurt to chew anything–the pressure was very painful. I sprayed it Thursday when I got to IL and opened the package and again before I went to bed. The next morning it has stopped hurting. I sprayed it twice on Friday and Saturday. Today it’s totally resolved. I ate a handful of peanuts and no pain.

– Robert, United States

Product used: 50 000ng GcMAFplus® Sublingual Spray

I have been using the 1500ng on my face for about a month now. Immediately my skin became softer and clearer and the dullness subsided. My breakouts also stopped immediately. I am extremely happy. I am about to move up to the 8000ng and am very excited to see the continued results! Thank you for supplying this.

– Tracy, Australia

Product used: 1500ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream

I have been using GcMAFplus now for 3 years. I suffered from fatigue and muscle pain all over my body. After using it for 3 months, a friend commented on how well I looked, I had not even noticed. Then my sister asked me if I was still having a nap in the afternoon and I said NO, I had just noticed that I was getting better and did not notice that it was normal now not to sleep in the afternoon. Now all pain has gone and I feel great.

– Corrina C, Australia

Product used: 1500ng GcMAFplus® Original Cream