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Coronavirus (COVID-19), Macrophages & GcMAF

People with surgical masks against coronavirus
Published on: 
12/03/2020 - 06:42


Update December 2021: A new hypotheses study has just been conducted in regards to this - 'Potential role of GcMAF in suppressing the severity of COVID-19-induced immune responses' - view study here.

Immune health for prevention & recovery

With recent events surrounding the COVID19 coronavirus, the importance of a maintaining a strong and healthy immune system has been central to all key recommendations regarding risk minimization and recovery. A lot about COVID-19 is still unknown at the moment and there is no cure or vaccine as yet. What we do know is that the risk of contraction and fatality are largely influenced by the current state of the immune system by those affected.

As the body's primary defense mechanism, the immune system is responsible for preventing and responding against invasive cells like flues, viruses and infections. When it is weak, its ability to perform this is severely inhibited.

The role of macrophages in Coronavirus

Central to this is the role of macrophages. Through a process known as phagocytosis, macrophages seek and engulf unwanted cells which do not match the protein structure of healthy ones. They also act as the immune system's primary defense mechanism to selectively recognize and react to invasive cells via innate and adaptive immunity processes. However to do this, macrophages need to be in an activated state. In a weakened immune system there are numerous processes at play which deactivate healthy macrophages and limit the supply of chemicals needed to activate new ones. This severely inhibits identifying new threats as well as countering those once they become embedded.

Coronavirus study findings

When looking at what we do know about coronaviruses, it is clearly evident that macrophages play a very important role. One study found found "Macrophages are an important cell type during coronavirus infections because they “notice” the infection and respond by activating type I interferons, which then act to establish antiviral defenses and limit virus replication." (Coronavirus Interferon Antagonists Differentially Modulate the Host Response during Replication in Macrophages)

Considering the critical role macrophages play within the immune system this makes sense. However if the immune system is weak, and the many types of macrophages potentially responsible for helping regulate invasive cells such as n COVID19 are not active, there is much greater potential for this to run rampant. This is where GcMAF becomes relevant. As one of the body's primary Macrophage Activating Factors, GcMAF is responsible for activating all types of macrophages into a homeostatic state capable of identifying and regulating threats. Without the presence of GcMAF, macrophages are effectively rendered useless.

Strengthening your immune system with GcMAF

Now more than ever it is important to make sure your immune system is strong. Maintaining a healthy diet, doing exercise and getting adequate sleep each night is integral to this. However for extra reinforcement you may wish to consider using our products as part of your daily routine if you are not already. By supplementing GcMAF bioidentical to what the body is (or should be) producing naturally, will help ensure the endogenous activation of macrophages to fulfill their critical role within immune defense.

For this, depending on your situation, our more economical lower strength products will suffice. For general immune maintenance purposes, the higher levels of GcMAF required when approaching a more aggressive issue are not necessarily needed here for maintenance purposes. Of course if you are currently undertaking a more intensive approach with our high strength products there is no need to change anything. However if you or your family are not currently using GcMAF, you may wish to have a look at some of our lower strength creams and sublingual sprays below. Using these once or twice daily will help provide vital support to your immune system, which now more than ever, is so important.

Lower strength 1,500ng creams

These are our lowest strength products and suitable as a maintenance option to reinforce an already healthy immune system. They are an economical option to help strengthen the immune system of you and your family. Apply to area of skin on the lower neck once per day or twice for a more active approach.

Medium strength 8,000ng creams

These our our 2nd lowest strength products and more suitable as a maintenance option for the elderly or those with a slightly weakened immune system. Apply to area of skin on the lower neck once per day or twice for a more active approach.

Sublingual sprays

These are applied once daily under the tongue for immune maintenance purposes. They are 2-4 times more potent than the creams above and therefore play a more active role in helping boost your immune system.