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All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body. GMP and ISO22716 logos

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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we have outlined the most common questions our customers ask us below. If your question is not answered here or you require additional assistance, please contact us via the live chat feature on this website if we are online or email us using our contact form here.

GcMAF is short for Glycoprotein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor. This is a vitamin D-binding protein that naturally occurs in the body to support immune system function. GcMAF has the ability to activate macrophages (meaning ‘big eaters” in Greek), which are specialized white blood cells that circulate within almost every tissue, and are used to detect and eradicate viruses, tumors, antigens and other unwanted cells. The active constituents in GcMAFplus® deliver an additional source of GcMAF to the body for those who cannot produce enough on their own or require supplementation in response to certain conditions. Read more about GcMAF here.

GcMAF is naturally occurring and is therefore obviously very safe. However it is very important to be aware of who and where you are buying it from and how they produce it. All GcMAFplus® products are manufactured in a laboratory to be free from contamination and are 100% sterile, safe and effective. In regards to effects upon the body, the only reported side-effects from using GcMAF (in rare circumstance from higher doses) have been mild flu-like detox symptoms. It is also perfectly safe for children of all ages, although we do recommend starting off using our lower strength creams for very young children if you have any concerns.

Unlike other GcMAF manufacturers, we use absolutely no serum or any other human components in our formulas. Instead we use a process which purifies and extracts bioidentical GcMAF from raw colostrum. This is manufactured in a laboratory under strict protocols to ensure a safe, sterile and bioidentical formula.

Generally speaking, for more aggressive issues it is best to use the highest strength (contains the most GcMAF) product within your budget. For less aggressive issues or for general maintenance, using the higher strength products is superfluous and the lower strength 1500ng and 8000ng products will suffice. For more detailed information on how to choose the right product for your needs, please view our resource page here.

Instructions how to apply GcMAF to the neck

Our creams are intended for external use only and are applied topically to the skin. They come in a special airtight jar which has a pump mechanism under the lid. One gentle pump (don't push too hard) will dispense one measured application (the size of a pea) and we recommend using one or two applications per day to begin with. You may work your way up to 3 applications per day over time (if desired) for a more intensive approach.

To enhance transdermal absorption we recommend applying the cream to your skin around the lymphatic regions of the body. This is because these areas allow a more direct route through the skin, into the lymphatic system and then throughout the other intended areas of the body. The best and most convenient place for this is under your neck as pictured in the diagram. Make sure to rub the cream in well so it is fully absorbed. You can also apply the cream topically to affected areas, particularly for skin conditions or other topical issues. Avoid using the cream near your eyes, sensitive areas, open wounds or other areas of the body prone to sweating for best effect.

Apply 1 spray under your tongue (the spray is safe to ingest) once or twice a day. Please do not eat or drink anything for at least 15 minutes before and after application.

  • Ensure you keep the product safely out of the reach of children at all times
  • Please follow the instructions and do not use more than the recommended dosage amounts
  • Make sure the product does not come in contact with your eyes or other sensitive skin areas

Yes. Clients with children usually use the low strength natural range 1,500ng or 8,000ngcreams. These are best first applied topically behind the knee region. Applying here to begin with rather than the neck region is simply precautionary, as this area is less sensitive whilst still providing direct absorption to the lymphatic system.

GcMAF has been demonstrated to be free of any serious side effects, with exception of mild flu-like symptoms experienced by a very small percentage of users who use high doses. In saying this, it is up to you to follow the instructions carefully and use at your own risk. Especially in regards to our higher strength products, do not exceed 1-2 applications per day to begin with, as this may cause a 'herx reaction' resulting in detox-like symptoms. Although is not pleasant, this is not physically dangerous.

It is recommended to use our products for at least 3 months continuously. Results experienced are dependent on numerous factors and differ vastly between persons, dosages, strengths and conditions. By continuing usage for at least 3 months allows the body time to adapt and for the replacement GcMAF to take effect. This is a guide only and in some cases less time will be needed and others more time. You can also continue using our products ongoing as a prevention and maintenance approach. In such cases it may be superfluous to use the more expensive higher strength products and the lower strength products will suffice. Ultimately the use of our products is up to you, all we recommend is to give it ample time for what you are trying to achieve.

Once opened our creams and spray will last for 3 months if kept refrigerated. Unopened they will last for 12 months without refrigeration whilst staying completely active due to the special preservatives used in our formula. If unopened we still recommend storing the products in a cool dry place and try to avoid exposure to high temperatures. It is very important to keep the products in the refrigerator after you open them. This is to ensure the GcMAF stays active and the other additional ingredients which support this, to not expire too.

  • Make sure you have a healthy diet and limit your sugar intake
  • Increase your intake of vitamin D3 & K2 which boost the effects of GcMAF
  • Try to be physically active if possible
  • Drink lots of water (at least 2 liters of water a day) & green tea
  • Incorporating the approaches outlined in this article we wrote about detoxing may also help the transportation and support of GcMAF within the body

Yes, there is evidence to support that SOME opioid-based pain medications will deactivate GcMAF within the body. Although this causes no harm it effectively decreases the effectiveness of the GcMAF. Please contact us here for more information about this you may wish to discuss with your doctor.

We do not sell injectable GcMAF. Instead we developed a unique transdermal formula which delivers active GcMAF through the skin into the body. This is a much safer application method that still ensures a very high percentage of GcMAF reaches the intended areas within the body. Due to the large amounts of GcMAF contained in our products (especially in our higher strength options), even accounting for slight losses via the transdermal absorption process, the amount of GcMAF which is actively absorbed into the body is still far higher than that which was delivered via first generation injectable GcMAF products. If you are specifically looking for injectable GcMAF, we instead recommend considering our Super Strength Cream option. This specifically delivers much higher levels per application than other injectable formats and is a therefore an effective alternative.