GcMAFplus® FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our products, usage and more.

All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

Frequently asked questions

For your convenience we have outlined the most common questions our customers ask us below. If your question is not answered here or you require additional assistance, please contact us via the live chat feature on this website if we are online or email us using our contact form here.

Questions about GcMAF

What is immunotherapy?2023-09-07T15:28:25+10:00

Immunotherapy is the broader categorization given to any type of medication or treatment designed to boost or suppress the immune system’s response against a wide range of conditions. Due to its Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF), GcMAFplus® is considered a form of immunotherapy as it promotes phagocytic activity to destroy invasive/unwanted cells as part of immune defense.

What is GcMAF?2023-09-07T15:00:34+10:00

GcMAFplus® stands for Glycoprotein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor. It is a naturally occurring protein in healthy humans and animals responsible for activating macrophages into a phagocytic-capable state. For more information on GcMAFplus® please view our resource center here .

Is GcMAFplus® safe?2023-09-07T15:04:41+10:00

Yes. GcMAFplus® is a naturally occurring protein and is very safe. However it is important to be aware of who and where you are buying it from. All GcMAFplus® products are manufactured in a GMP certified Australian laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical, uncontaminated and effective. In regards to effects upon the body, the only reported side-effects from using GcMAFplus® (in rare circumstance from higher doses) have been mild detox symptoms such as a runny nose, nausea, fatigue and other flu-like symptoms.

Can I use GcMAFplus® alongside other treatment approaches such as chemo or radiation?2023-09-07T15:05:39+10:00

Yes. GcMAFplus® is perfectly safe and still effective when used alongside chemotherapy or radiation therapies. The only medications or treatments which conflict with the efficacy of GcMAFplus® (not harmful) are immunosuppresant medications (drugs designed to suppress the immune system) and most opioid-based pain medications.

Are there any potential side-effects or symptons from using GcMAF?2023-09-07T15:08:56+10:00

The only reported side-effects from using GcMAFplus® are mild detox-like symptoms such as a runny nose, fatigue, nausea and restlessness as the immune system adjusts. These are very rare and usually associated with higher strength doses in the first few days of use. If you experience such effects you may stop using the product/s for a few days until they recede and then begin use again. If you are concerned about anything with our products, please consult with your doctor or registered physician.

Can I overdose or take too much GcMAF?2023-09-07T15:09:27+10:00

No. You can not overdose on GcMAFplus® – it is a naturally produced protein in healthy humans. In rare cases with high doses, some people experience mild detox-like symptoms such as a runny nose, fatigue, nausea and lethargy as the immune system re-balances to the influx of new GcMAF. If this happens you may wish to stop using the products for 2-3 days until the symptoms reside and begin use again.

Can GcMAFplus® help cancers or tumors?2023-09-08T17:22:46+10:00

We are not in a position to make any type of claims in regards to the use of our products for Autism. You may wish to independently review the scientific literature and trials published for this to decide if it is an approach you would like to try. A good place to start is all the research on GcMAFplus® at the PubMed website here. If you decide it is something you wish to try, you may wish to look at our combo packs which contain a spray and cream.

Can GcMAF help cancers or tumors?2023-09-11T10:56:39+10:00

We are not in a position to make claims about the use of our products. We encourage those considering this approach to first have a look at the official research done into the use of GcMAF for many types of cancers, which you can view at the PubMed website here. Please have a good look through the various trials and academic papers to decide if this is something you would like to try. For a more aggressive approach, our customers generally choose our highest strength products, most notably our Super Strength Cream and Sublingual Spray.

Can GcMAF help autism?2023-09-11T10:59:06+10:00

We are not in a position to make any type of claims in regards to the use of our products for Autism. You may wish to independently review the scientific literature and trials published for this to decide if it is an approach you would like to try. A good place to start is all the research on GcMAF at the PubMed website here. If you decide it is something you wish to try, you may wish to look at our combo packs which contain a spray and cream.

Can GcMAF help viruses?2023-09-11T10:59:29+10:00

We are not in a position to make claims about our products in relation to this, however here has been a great deal of research into the use of GcMAF for various types of viruses which you can view at the PubMed website here. When looking at how this approach potentially works, it is important to understand the role of GcMAF naturally produced in a healthy body to invoke phagocytosis – the destruction of invasive/unwanted cells by the immune system. View more information about how GcMAF works here and our sublingual spray which may be you may be interested in if you decide to try this approach.

Can GcMAF help COVID-19?2023-09-11T11:00:05+10:00

No. We are no position to make any type of claims in regards to our products, especially in relation to COVID-19. In saying this, many of our customers use our products to help boost their immune system as part of their daily wellbeing regime.

Is Imuno™ the same as GcMAF?2023-09-11T11:00:43+10:00

No. Imuno™ made by Dr. Ruggerio is NOT GcMAF. Although Imuno is marketed in the same areas as GcMAF, it it is a completely different treatment and shares no similarities in composition, nor does it have the depth of research and historical use, as GcMAF.

Can dogs, cats, rodents and other animals use GcMAF?2023-09-11T11:02:15+10:00

Yes. All vertebrate animals (dogs, cats, rodents, birds, horses etc.) naturally produce GcMAF proteins and therefore can benefit from supplementing it via our products. Our sublingual spray contains no additional ingredients except for saline solution and is suitable for all animals, however our creams do contain many addition ingredients which may be allergenic to some animals. That is why we developed GcMAFpets – a separate range of GcMAF gel products specifically for animals which you can purchase here.

Questions about our products

How do I use your products?2023-09-11T11:14:29+10:00

For detailed instructions on how to use both our creams and sprays on their own or together, please view our instructions page here.

Can babies and children use your products?2023-09-11T11:15:28+10:00

Yes. Our products are perfectly safe and effective for use by children and babies of all ages, even the higher strength cream and sprays. You may wish to use one application per day and build up to twice a day after a week if you have any concerns. For non-topical issues on young children, you may wish to apply the cream to the lymph nodes behind the knee and use once per day for the first week and increase to twice a day thereafter.

Do you sell GcMAF injections?2023-09-11T11:15:08+10:00

No. There was too many safety issues and controversies associated with previous manufacturers doing this in the past. Instead we developed the Super Strength cream as an alternative. This product delivers similarly high levels of GcMAF via transdermal absorption through the skin to the intended area. Our sublingual spray is also a very effective way to administer GcMAF which you may wish to consider too.

Do any of your products contain nuts?2023-09-11T11:15:49+10:00

Our sprays and nut-free cream do NOT contain any traces of nuts, however the rest of our creams do. If you are allergic to nuts please use our sprays or select the nut-free option from our 1,500ng cream page here.

Do you sell GcMAF yogurts or powder kits?2023-09-11T11:16:12+10:00

No, we do not sell any type of GcMAF yogurts or powders. None of these contain (or are capable of making) GcMAF. They may contain other useful nutrients from the colostrum or ingredients contained in them, however these have no Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) which is the primary benefit from using GcMAF. Even if these powders or yogurts did contain GcMAF, it would be broken down and rendered useless in the stomach from the acids which is why our products are not digested, rather absorbed transdermally and sublingual.

Can I use a cream and spray together at the same time?2023-09-11T11:17:09+10:00

Yes. You can use a cream and spray together at the same time. The dual-delivery approach of transdermal (creams) and sublingual (spray) helps deliver the GcMAF to a wider range of macrophages throughout the body. To do so, simply use both the spray and cream according to detailed instructions here twice a day for more aggressive issues, or once a day for general immune health or minor issues.

How long do I need to use your products for?2023-09-11T11:16:28+10:00

We recommend using our products daily for at least 2-3 months to allow sufficient time for the immune system to re-balance and changes to take effect. After this period you may need to continue using the products if more time is needed for your particular condition (particularly for more aggressive conditions). You may also continue using our products (particularly our lower strength ones) ongoing indefinitely for preventative and general immune boosting purposes if desired.

Where can I apply your creams to a baby or young child?2023-09-11T11:18:12+10:00

For non-topical issues on young children, you may wish to apply the cream to the lymph nodes behind the knee and use once per day for the first week and increase to twice a day thereafter.

Can I use GcMAF alongside other medicines and treatments?2023-09-11T11:17:51+10:00

Yes. GcMAF is a complimentary therapy which is safe and effective to be used alongside all other treatments and medications except:a) any type of immunosuppresant medication (medications which suppress the immune system instead of boosting it like GcMAF does) most opioid-based pain medicationsAlthough it is not harmful in any way to use GcMAF alongside these, they may render it ineffective. If you have any concerns about using GcMAF with the above-mentioned medications, or anything else you may currently be taking, please consult with your doctor.

What product/s should I choose for my issue or condition?2023-09-11T11:18:54+10:00

Generally speaking, for more aggressive issues it is best to use the highest strength (contains the most GcMAF) product within your budget. For less aggressive issues or general immune health, using the higher strength products is superfluous and the lower strength 1,500ng and 8,000ng products will suffice. For more detailed information on how to choose the right product for your needs, please click here.

Can I use your sublingual spray in a nebulizer?2023-09-11T11:19:34+10:00

Yes. You can nebulize our spray, however sublingual (under the tongue) is a more effective administration method. If sublingual application is not an option (e.g. for resistant children) you may use one or two sprays in a nebulizer with saline solution instead.

Where do I apply your creams?2023-09-11T11:20:19+10:00

The creams are transdermal and designed to absorb through the skin into lymph nodes and then circulate throughout the lymphatic system. For this reason it is best to apply the cream to skin around lymph nodes closest to your region/s of concern. If your concern is non-topical or you are using for general immune boosting purposes, the best place to apply the cream is on either side of the lower neck region. More detailed instructions and a diagram is available on our instructions page here.

What else can I do or take to help the GcMAF?2023-09-11T11:20:45+10:00

Ensuring you receive enough Vitamin D is the most important thing in relation to assisting the GcMAF. This will help transport the GcMAF throughout the body and also aid in the production of new GcMAF. Ensure you are supplementing at last 5000iu per day Vitamin D3, or spending sufficient time in the sun dependent on your location and skin tone for this. Additionally it goes without saying that a healthy diet, plenty of water, some physical activity and a good night’s sleep are all important parts of any healing process, as well as continuing any other treatments and advice given to you by your doctor or physician.

How do I store your products?2023-09-11T11:19:12+10:00

Please store our creams and sprays in a cool dry place, and once opened keep them in the fridge between use. Unopened they will withstand high temperatures for extended periods but once opened the formula becomes more sensitive. At all times please store products away from children and pets to avoid misuse.

Can I apply the cream before/after using makeup and deodorant??2023-09-11T11:21:20+10:00

If you have to apply the cream to an area of skin where you wear makeup or put deodorant on – it is best to put the cream on at least 30 minutes beforehand. Where possible, never put the cream on after makeup or deodorant – always cream at least half an hour first. If you really have to, have a shower or wash any residual makeup and deodorant off first, wait until the area is dry and then put the cream on. This is important because:

  1. You want the cream to be fully absorbed
  2. If there is residual makeup or deodorant on the skin, the transdermal cream formula may bind to these and take them through the skin too.
What are the best times to use your products?2023-09-11T11:22:06+10:00

If using twice a day, it is best to space the use of our products out by using once in the morning and then once in the evening. If you are only using once per day, please use before you go to sleep (night or day dependent on your sleep schedule) as this is when your immune system and healing processes are most active. View detailed instructions for using our products here.

What do I do if I am experiencing detox-related symptoms from using GcMAF?2023-09-11T11:22:31+10:00

If you are experiencing any side-effects from using our products such a runny nose, tiredness, nausea, muscle aches or any other type of detox symptoms, please stop using the products for 3 days or until symptoms subside, and then continue use as normal. Although rare, detox-like symptoms are sometimes experienced in the first few days of supplementing GcMAF as the immune system adjusts. These may cause some discomfort but are not harmful. If you are concerned in any way please consult your doctor.

What is the difference between your natural and Original range of creams??2023-09-11T11:23:05+10:00

Our Natural Range of creams contain 100% natural ingredients whereas our Original Range creams do contain some artificial ingredients. Both ranges contain exactly the same GcMAF, it is only the ingredients added to this which are different. Please view more information about our ingredients here.

How come your creams can absorb (transdermal) through the skin?2023-09-11T11:23:32+10:00

All GcMAFplus® creams contain a unique low molecular weight formula capable of passing through the skin’s protective layers. This is achieved through the inclusion of ingredients including hyularon which bind the GcMAF and help it absorb through the skin into the lymphatic system for best effect.

How long will your products take to work on me?2023-09-11T11:23:49+10:00

Results experienced are dependent on numerous factors and differ greatly between persons, dosages, strengths and conditions. We recommend at least 2-3 months daily usage to give your immune system time to adjust and the new GcMAF to take effect before ceasing use. This is a guide only and in some cases less time may be needed and for other cases (particularly for aggressive issues) more time will be needed. We make no guarantees in regards to results experienced from the use of our products.

General information

Where are you located?2023-09-11T11:33:46+10:00

All GcMAFplus products are made and sent from Australia. Our team is based in both Australia and internationally.

Where are your products made?2023-09-11T11:34:15+10:00

All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory.

What do you use to make your GcMAF?2023-09-11T11:34:37+10:00

The GcMAF in our products is made in a GMP certified Australian laboratory from a raw bovine colostrum base. We DO NOT use serum or other human materials like other manufacturers past and present in the creation of our products.

Can I speak on the phone with someone?2023-09-11T11:35:22+10:00

Due to timezone differences we operate online only sorry. Please send us an email or open a live chat when we are online if there is anything we can assist you with.

Do you offer wholesale or distributor accounts?2023-09-11T11:35:44+10:00

Yes. If you own a business or practice and would like to inquire about wholesaling our products please email us here. Please include information about your business and how you plan to sell the products in the email to assist the process, thanks.

Ordering, shipping & payment information

I am having troubles completing checkout – can you help?2023-09-11T11:36:19+10:00

On the checkout page you need to make sure all fields are filled in (email, country, phone etc.) and to check the box at the bottom of the form that you agree to the terms & conditions to be able to continue to the ‘Review Order’ screen. If any of these fields are empty or invalid (e.g. there is a space in your email address) you will need to correct these first to continue. For assistance please open a live chat in the bottom right hand corner of this page, or contact us here.

What countries do you send orders to?2023-09-11T11:37:27+10:00

We ship to all countries worldwide with a few exceptions due to COVID-19 events affecting local postage networks. You can view an updated list of which countries we currently can not send to at our payment & delivery info page.

Why does my order have GlycoPlus packing and not GcMAFplus®?2023-09-11T11:38:18+10:00

Sometimes we use GlycoPlus labels on our products to help expedite delivery in certain countries. If you received GlycoPlus packaging please know that all the ingredients (including the GcMAF) are 100% exactly the same as advertised on our website, only the label and packaging is different.

What can I do if my order has not arrived or is late?2023-09-11T11:38:39+10:00

If your order shipment is late or delayed, the first step is to check the email we sent with your tracking number to see where it is. At the shipping company’s website you will be able to view the status and location of your delivery. Here you can also lodge an enquiry directly with the shipping company if there is a delay or other issue.

If you did not receive our tracking email or would like further assistance with your delivery, please email us here for support.

Why are all your products in US dollars (USD)?2023-09-11T11:38:59+10:00

Even though we are based in Australia, our customers come from all over the world so we price everything in USD as it is most globally used currency. If you are outside of the United States, your credit card company will automatically convert the value of your order from USD into that of your local currency when you checkout

When will you send my order?2023-09-11T11:39:33+10:00

All orders made on a business day before 9am (Australian Eastern Standard Time – AEST) are sent that same-day, otherwise next business day. You can convert your local timezone to AEST on this website here.

What happens if the products in my order arrive damaged or faulty?2023-09-11T11:39:56+10:00

Although we securely pack all orders with protective packaging, if for some reason your order arrives damaged, we will replace it for you free of charge providing you take photos and organize return shipping to us. Please email us here to organize.

Do I need an account on your website to place an order?2023-09-11T11:40:19+10:00

No. You do not need an account on our website to place an order. Simply add the products you would like to purchase to your shopping cart and checkout. If you have not ordered with us before, an account will automatically be created for after you checkout using the email and details you provide for next time. If you have ordered with us before, you do not need to login to place a new order if you do not wish. The email address you specify at checkout will automatically associate your new order with your existing account.

What can I do if I forgot my account password?2023-09-11T11:41:24+10:00

You can reset your website account password with your email address here. If you have ordered with us before an account would have been created with the email address you used at checkout.

Will I have to pay customs fees, duties or taxes for my order?2023-09-11T11:41:51+10:00

Generally there are no customs fees for orders to most countries, however in rare circumstances there may be some very small fees which you will have to pay before receiving your goods. Although we do our best to minimize these, in some countries and circumstances these are unavoidable and you will be required to organize payment directly with your local customs department.

Can I track my order after you send it?2023-09-11T11:42:10+10:00

Yes. When we dispatch your order we will send an email with details and a link to track its location. If you do not receive this email within 2 business days of placing your order, please email us here and we will resend it for you.

What do I put in the ‘Coupon Code’ box at checkout?2023-09-11T11:42:30+10:00

This field is optional so please leave it blank if you do not have a coupon code. From time to time we have special discount coupon codes, please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive notification when these are next available.

Do you offer refunds?2023-09-11T11:43:06+10:00

No. Once your order is dispatched we do not issue refunds. Please make sure you order the correct items because of this. If the items you order are faulty or damaged in transit, please send them back to us and we will send replacements at no cost. Please view our full terms and conditions here.

How can I pay for my order?2023-09-11T11:37:52+10:00

You can pay for your order online using your credit card in the secure form at checkout. We accept all major credit cards and this is securely processed using our Secure Merchant. We no longer accept PayPal, credit card only.

How long does delivery take?2023-09-11T11:43:36+10:00

Depending on where you live and which shipping option you choose at checkout, delivery usually takes:

  • Within Australia – 1-3 business days
  • International (AusPost) – 2-3 weeks
  • International (DHL) – 5-8 business days


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