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All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

Research shows that GcMAF ( Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) can be used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). GcMAF is a protein that occurs naturally in the body and plays an essential role in activating the immune system.

One study published in 2013 reported that treatment with GcMAF improved symptoms in a group of 70 CFS/ME patients, including fatigue, pain, and cognitive function.

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is a complex and poorly understood medical condition that is characterized by persistent and unexplained fatigue, which is not alleviated by rest or sleep and can worsen with physical or mental activity. Other symptoms of CFS may include joint pain, headaches, tender lymph nodes, and difficulties with memory, concentration, and sleep. The cause of CFS is unknown, and there are no specific diagnostic tests or treatments for the condition. 

However, there are several theories regarding the potential causes of CFS/ME, and

  • 1
    Viral Infections
  • 2
    Immune System Dysfunction
  • 3
    Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • 4
  • 5
    Hormonal Imbalances

Are there diseases similar to chronic fatigue?

Yes, there are several diseases that have symptoms similar to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

Some of these conditions include:

1. Fibromyalgia: A condition characterized by widespread pain, tenderness, and stiffness of the muscles and soft tissues.
2. Multiple sclerosis: A disease that affects the central nervous system, causing symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, and difficulty with coordination.
3. Lyme disease: A bacterial infection transmitted through tick bites that can cause fatigue, muscle aches, and joint pain.
4. Lupus: An autoimmune disease that can cause a variety of symptoms, including fatigue, joint pain, and muscle weakness.
5. Depression: A mental health condition that can cause feelings of exhaustion, lack of energy, and difficulty concentrating.

Natural Treatment of Chronic Fatigue

GcMAF (Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor) is a protein that is produced in the human body by the modification of vitamin D-binding protein (DBP). GcMAF is thought to stimulate the immune system by activating macrophages, which are a type of white blood cell that engulfs and digests harmful microorganisms, malignant cells, and other foreign substances.

GcMAF as a treatment for CFS can stimulate the immune system, increase energy levels, and reduce inflammation.


I have been using GcMAFplus now for 3 years. I suffered from fatigue and muscle pain all over my body. After using it for 3 months, a friend commented on how well I looked, I had not even noticed. Then my sister asked me if I was still having a nap in the afternoon and I said NO, I had just noticed that I was getting better and did not notice that it was normal now not to sleep in the afternoon. Now all pain has gone and I feel great.
– Corrina C, Australia
I suffer with fatigue, from Lyme disease, I have been using GcMAFplus for 6 months now and have seen a significant change in my foggy head and also the aches and pains in my body
– Annie T, UK


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