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All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

We offer safe and effective fibromyalgia treatment made in Australia, by helping to modulate the body’s immune system and reduce inflammation.

What is  Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas. It is a complex condition that affects the nervous system and is considered a type of central sensitivity syndrome, where the body’s pain processing system becomes overly sensitive and amplifies pain signals. Fibromyalgia is a disorder of unknown cause, and it is often considered a neurological condition, although it does not show up on x-rays, MRI scans, or other imaging studies.

Treatment for fibromyalgia is typically multifaceted and may include a combination of medication, physical therapy, occupational therapy and lifestyle changes.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Does fibromyalgia ever go away?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, which means it typically persists over time and does not go away completely.

Natural Treatment for Fibromyalgia

GcMAF is a naturally occurring protein in the body that immune-stimulatory properties, it can help modulate the immune system and reduce inflammation, which is relevant to fibromyalgia as it is believed to involve immune dysregulation and inflammation.

GcMAF is known to activate macrophages, which are a type of white blood cell that plays a role in the immune response, and helps to modulate the immune system. GcMAF  stimulates macrophages to better recognize and destroy abnormal cells, reduce inflammation, and help regulate the immune response.


I have suffered with fibromyalgia for the last 6 years, the pain in unbearable at times, if you can imagine an image of a body, that has bruising all over it, from top to toe, that is what fibromyalgia is. No matter what I did I never got relief, I could not work, I could not concentrate I could not live a normal life as the pain was constant. A friend of mine had done some research and told me about this cream GcMAFplus my parents purchased it for me as by now without being able to work I was living with my parents as I could  not afford to live on my own and also I was not well enough to look after myself.
I started to use the cream on my lymphatic area as directed, I really did not hold much hope in the cream or anything as I was told I would just have to learn to live with it. I kept using and applying the cream, then I started to use the cream on my arms as the pain was so bad, I continued to use it then I would apply to my thighs and little by little I started to feel less pain. I had not noticed that I was able to sit for longer periods and not have to lay down, I then had a clearer thinking which was not the usual foggy head.
My parents noticed the improvements and day by day I got better, I am still using the product, I am now working part time and I no longer need nana naps during the day, I don’t have the pain throughout every muscle in my body and the swelling has gone from my feet. I am very happy with this product as it has helped me start to feel human again and live a relatively normal life. Not house bound or bed bound.

James – Australia


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