Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils for Anxiety and Restful Sleep

Published On: 21 July 2023By

There’s no denying that nearly all of us have felt the effects of a poor nights’ sleep. The cause of it can vary greatly, with some of us overindulging in a night out, others having an overactive stimulated mind, and sometimes it can even be external factors such as a neighbourhood dog barking, or a baby crying. One thing is certain, that missing out on that essential sleep really makes it hard to function the next day and can leave you feeling exhausted. So, when any opportunity presents itself to help reduce anxiety and sleeplessness, we should take it!

There are many different factors which impact your mental and physical well-being, and by combining a range of holistic approaches, it can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Essential oils have been proven to help promote relaxation, reduce your worries, and get a restful nights’ sleep.

What are Essential Oils

Essential Oils are extracts derived from parts of various plants, including leaves, flowers, roots and bark. These extracts are compressed to obtain a concentrated oil which will capture and emit the plant signature scent. These compounds can be utilised in a variety of ways, with some able to be applied topically to your skin, some mixed into foods or herbal teas, and most importantly some inhaled via aroma therapy. Of course, not all essential oils can be used in all of these ways and it’s always important to consult guidance if you are unsure.

Whenever using these oils, it’s always important to remember a few simple guidelines, to ensure you gain the most benefit, and to be able use them safely. Many oils will need to be diluted before being applied to the skin or burned in a diffuser. A diffuser will usually require the oil added to a small cup of water (which will vary from one device to another). Topical applications should be diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut or jojoba. Always read any directions before use, as this will likely guide you as to what ratios are needed.

Best Essential Oils to Assist with Anxiety

1. Lavender – not an uncommon plant to even find in your own garden, as many people grow it not only for its pleasant aroma, but also its ability to keep away bugs! This essential oil has been used extensively over time for its anxiety reducing effects and will help alleviate feelings of restlessness.

2. Chamomile – made from the flowers of this plant, this essential oil can help reduce tension, ease nervousness, and induce a sense of tranquillity. Chamomile is renowned for its calming effects on both the mind and body and the flowers are often used to make a herbal tea.

3. Bergamot – Generating a distinctive uplifting citrus scent, bergamot is extracted from the rinds of bergamot orange trees, which are named after the town in Southern Italy where they were originally discovered. It is effective in reducing stress and enhancing relaxation, ideal for assisting with your mental health.

4. Ylang-Ylang – This oil is derived from large tropical trees that bear pale yellow flowers. The flowers emit sweet floral aroma somewhat like jasmine. This essential oil can be effective in treating depression, high blood pressure, as well as anxiety.

5. Frankincense – this essential oil has long been revered as a useful valuable substance, well before some wisemen gifted it away. Extracted from the resin of a Boswellia tree, this aroma is known to encourage a deep sense of calm without making you sleepy. It has also known to have other medicinal qualities such as the treatment of inflammation, as well as the ability to kill some types of bacteria and fungi.

Essential Oils to help you Sleep

1. Roman Chamomile – The extract of this variety of the chamomile flower is very similar in smell to the standard variety and bears many of the same benefits, including reduced tension and eased nervousness, but is also great at promoting a restful night’s sleep.

2. Sandalwood – this essential oil is known to help promote a calming effect, lowering the levels of anxiety and stress within your body, and in turn help you get a good nights’ sleep. It also has useful benefits of treating acne, pimples, eczema, and Dermatitis, as well as fights the visible signs of ageing. So, you not only get a good nights’ sleep but also get help to wake up looking your best!

3. Vetiver – This versatile plant is great at promoting a restful nights’ sleep, but also has a multitude of other benefits. It is known to exhibit circulation stimulating properties, as well as behaves as an anti-septic. It is also known to have calming effects, and can help soothe feelings of anxiety, stress, exhaustion, irritability, and anger.

4. Sage or Clary Sage is a sweet fragrant herb, that is great at helping your whole body into a more relaxed state. By using this prior to bedtime or adding a few drops to your bath, it will help prepare you for sleep. It’s also great for those who practise yoga and like to meditate, additionally, it can assist women by inducing labour when pregnant and regulate hot flushes during menopause.

5. Cedarwood – Cedarwood essential oil is extracted from multiple parts of this plant including the leaves, needles, bark, and berries. Its familiar odour is often used in many household items including shampoo, cologne, insect repellent and deodorant! It can be used to create a serene environment conducive to sleep, and its warm, woodsy aroma helps promote a sense of security and tranquillity.

Today’s modern fast-paced world is filled with constant stress, and by using some of the essential oils above, you can find peace and tranquillity.  You can also get one step closer to overcoming your anxiety and sleeplessness, which have become constant battles for many people. On top of this these oils have an added bonus – they can also leave your entire house smelling fantastic!

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