Litzy’s story on how she beat lyme disease

Published On: 12 January 2019By

Below is a very special email we received recently from one of our customers. Litzy asked if we could share her story in the hope it would help give others who had Lyme Disease hope. What you see below is a word-for-word transcription so please note it does contain grammer and spelling errors.

Litzy’s Story

Hi my name is Litzy.

I have Lyme disease, my journey from hell, then back to good health after 7 years. It is such a debilitating disease.

I was in Connecticut and playing with some friends at the park, when I got home I saw a bull’s eye rash on my leg, it looked to me like a mosquito or spider bite. This was the beginning of such a debilitating and frustrating disease.
I paid no attention to the bite, but I just rubbed it with tea tree oil, thinking I would be fine in the morning. I seemed ok the next day and did the normal things I did every day, study and work part time. By day 4 after the tick bite the bull’s eye rash which is called erythema migrans, or EM, had gotten
bigger and was quite painful.

The rash was warm to touch, I had a feeling that I was getting the flu, I had chills and a fever and muscle and joint pain. I saw the doctor and he said I was getting the flu and dismissed the bulls eye rash I had as an insect bite. I was sick in bed with these flu like symptoms for about a week and was not getting better, my lymph nodes were swollen, and I had additional rashes on other areas of my body.I had lost muscle tone in my face and had severe headaches and neck stiffness. My knees were swollen and sore, I could not sleep and had heart palpations. We had called a doctor to our home as I could not get out of bed, I had a sore throat, again the doctor concluded that it was the flu. I had even vision changes, my vision weakened.

I had this “flu” for a month, then we wanted blood tests. I was getting worse, not better, I was prescribed anti biotics 3 times but still I felt as though I could not get out of bed. My whole body ached, I was having short term memory loss and confusion, I could not read, watch tv or do anything that I had to concentrate on. It was a mental fog that I felt I had. I had the blood tests, but they did not show anything, I really felt as though I would not be able to function normally again, every joint hurt, my muscles we sore, I had bad headaches.

I changed doctors and told him that I had this flu for about 3 months now and was not getting better. I was diagnosed with MS by this doctor, and put on other drugs, I felt my life slipping away. I was getting worse and needed help to walk from one room of the house to the other. I dropped out of college due to my illness and had to stop working as well, I moved back in with my parents as I needed help with living everyday. After 12 months and no improvement, we went to another doctor and he did blood tests and I was then diagnosed with ALS.

I was devastated, I could not believe what was happening to me, I was athletic, I ate well, no junk foods, how could I get so sick so quickly. I had never been sick in my life and now my life was slipping away from me and I had not control over it. Another 6 months passed, and a friend asked me if I had told the doctors about the bite on my leg, I had not. She asked me to see a doctor whom she knew, and he specialized in Lyme disease and she was concerned that I had been mis-diagnosed as no one thought anything about the bite I saw this new doctor and he ordered some new blood tests and all sorts of special tests.

3 weeks later I was told I had Lyme disease, not MS, not ALS, but Lyme disease. He said that I could improve but had to be on special medication and high doses of antibiotics. The bite I had was a tick bite. All of my symptoms were Lyme disease related. I was having all sorts of treatment, I was on anti-biotics for 2 and a half years, my central nervous system was shot and I felt very weak. I needed 3 different forms of antibiotics to target the three different cell forms, but I was so sick and herxheimer reaction was terrible. The fatigue got worse, memory loss was bad, concertation was non-existent. I was on a cocktail of drugs and could not cope. I started to see natural therapists that could help with the pain and the foggy head. I started to go swimming and had physical therapies, I had little improvement.

One of my doctors was trialling a new product and asked me to try it and see how I felt, the product was a gift, it was GcMAFplus. I had never heard of it but wanted to try anything, my family researched it and found that it may help. I used the first jar, at first for one week I felt as though I was detoxing, then after about a fortnight I did not feel so much pain in my muscles. I used 3 jars over 3 months, at that time I realised my knees were not swollen, I could actually watch a movie without forgetting what I was watching when the commercial was on.

I had been on this miraculous product for 12 months, I can not believe the change in my body. I had stopped the antibiotics as I felt they were not good for me. The doctor has used me as a testimonial about this product, he had used many other gcmaf products in the past, all claiming the be the best on the market, then he found this one, there was no hype or testimonials on their site, they made no claims, but had information on their site that took the doctors interest, as he had seen all the sham products on the market. He said he contacted these laboratories and they were very helpful he spoke to the senior people there and found out all he needed to, to prove to himself that he wanted to try the product as they supplied mainly doctors, they were a group of microbiologists that had created this product and it was their own formulation.

This product actually activates the macrophage in the body and attacks the bacteria and viruses in the body At the time of first taking this product, I did not know what it was, I could not read anything as I could not concentrate. I have now been using this product for a few years, I now do not need a nana nap in the afternoon, my sleep at night is deep and peaceful and I do not have aches and pains in my body, I can concentrate, I am leading a normal life. I do not take any drugs, I am on GcMAFplus cream and spray and I can say that I am feeling like I did before the tick bite, before the Lyme disease.

I never thought I would feel ok again, I had lost all hope, lost all hope of living a normal life, and not needing someone to help me in and out of bed, in and out of a chair, I could not walk un aided, I could not drive. I start college again this year and have plenty of energy. I know these products work as I have never felt better, this GcMAFplus, keeps my immune system active, it modulates it, it helps me fight any bacterial or viral infection.

I take this product still and will for some time as I want to stay healthy, everyone in my family have been sick this winter with the flu, but I have a healthy immune system and did not catch it from them. I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I have spoken at a Lyme information night /seminar that the doctor who is having success treating others with Lyme asked me to attend as did many other people that have used this product and have all seen such success.

We survived Lyme disease and live to tell how we did it, there are many that have survived this terrible debilitating disease. I don’t want to think about it, but what would have happened to me if I kept taking the MS medication or the ALS medication, or was not given the correct treatment. I am forever thankful to my doctor and the company that makes GcMAFplus for helping me regain my health.