• 8000ng GcMAF Natural Cream

    Medium strength natural range option

    USD $150.00
    This is an all-natural ingredient alternative to our other GcMAFplus® skin creams. With 8,000ng of active GcMAFplus® per jar, it may be used for minor issues, general immune health, cosmetic/skincare, children and for those who prefer a natural solution.\ Transdermal skin cream containing 8000ng of bioidentical active GcMAFplus® plus other natural ingredients for additional support.
  • 8000ng GcMAF Original Cream

    Medium strength original range option

    USD $197.00
    Transdermal immunotherapy skin cream containing 8,000ng bioidentical active glycoprotein plus other ingredients for additional support.
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    Medium Strength Spray + Cream

    Lowest strength combo pack

    USD Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $351.00.
    Contains 1 x 20,000ng Sublingual Spray (10ml ) and 1 x 8,000ng Natural Cream (30ml) valued at $450 - save $99! Used together, the sublingual and transdermal delivery methods may help directly reach & activate a wider range of macrophage pools & other areas supported by GcMAF. Contains our 20,000ng Sublingual Spray (10ml - 70 applications) and 8,000ng Natural Cream (30ml - 70 applications).
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