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20,000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray

High strength 286ng per spray (10ml)

USD $300.00

Bioidentical active GcMAFplus® formula suspended in a saline solution (20,000ng in a 10ml spray bottle).

Bioidentical active GcMAFplus® formula suspended in a saline water solution. Contains 70 applications for 35 days usage (twice a day).


Our smaller GcMAFplus® sublingual spray option – 35 days supply (used twice a day)

Total GcMAFplus® per bottle: 20,000ng
GcMAFplus® per individual spray: 286ng
Sprays per bottle: 70 (lasts for 35 days used twice a day)

This is simply a smaller version of our top-selling 50,000ng 25ml spray. It contains exactly the same 286ng of active bioidentical GcMAFplus® per spray, however there are only 70 applications instead of 175 per bottle. The formula is sprayed directly under the tongue where it is absorbed through the tissue into the bloodstream for distribution throughout localized and connected macrophage pools. There are no additional ingredients in this spray except the natural saline solution which the GcMAFplus® is suspended in, thus making it an all-natural solution.

The recommended daily dose is 1 spray twice a day for more aggressive issues, or 1 spray once per day for less aggressive purposes or general maintenance. For best results spray under the tongue at least 15 minutes before/after eating or drinking.


  • GcMAF
  • Saline (sterile salt water)

Sublingual application

To use, simply spray under the back of the tongue twice a day. The liquid formula is designed to be absorbed into the capillaries under the thin layers of tongue tissue and distributed throughout the broader blood/circulatory systems. This is a very effective way for the GcMAFplus® to activate monocytes (macrophages in the blood) as well as those located in connected tissues/organs, into a phagocytic state. The spray is not designed to be digested. We recommend not eating for 15 minutes before after use so that is not attached to food/liquid particles and digested. If GcMAFplus® is digested the stomach acids will break it down, thus rendering it useless. This is why we DO NOT recommend using any type of GcMAFplus® product which is digested including tablets, lollies or yogurts regardless of what the manufacturer says about enteric coatings or the like. These are simply ineffective.

How it works…

Additional information

Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 9 cm
Active Gc per bottle


Active Gc per spray


Number of applications



Will last for 1 year or expiry date if unopened and kept in cool dark place then a further 6 months after opening IF kept in refrigerator between use.  Please check expiry dates


For general immune boosting, prevention and minor issues: 1 spray per day in the evening. For more advanced and serious issues: 2 sprays per day, morning and evening. Spray once under the back of the tongue 15 minutes before or after eating/drinking. The goal is for the liquid to be absorbed through the thin layer of tongue tissue into the cappilaries and not digested. Clearing the mouth of saliva and holding the liquid for up to 30 seconds can assist this process.


For external use only, keep out of reach of children, do not ingest, do not apply to the eyes or other sensitive areas of the body and please use only according to the instructions.

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