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All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

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GcMAFplus® 50 000ng GcMAF Sublingual Spray

High strength 286ng per spray (25ml)

Bioidentical active GcMAF formula suspended in a saline water solution (50,000ng in a 25ml spray bottle).

GcMAFplus 50000ng oral spray


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Bioidentical active GcMAF formula suspended in a saline water solution. Contains 175 applications for 87 days usage (twice a day).

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Product description

High strength GcMAF spray supplement

This spray contains pure GcMAF (bioidentical to that produced naturally in healthy humans) suspended in a neutral saline solution. It is designed for sublingual application under the tongue, a very effective way to deliver GcMAF into the broader blood/circulatory systems and connected tissues. For this reason the spray is often used by our customers for blood-borne, viral, toxins, respiratory, circulatory, neurological, and other non-topical conditions. For skin, lymphatic and topical conditions you may wish to use our transdermal creams instead, or a combination of both.

Total GcMAF per bottle: 50,000ng
GcMAF per individual spray: 286ng
Sprays per bottle: 175 (lasts for 87 days used twice a day)

1 bottle lasts for 3-6 months

Used twice a day for a more aggressive approach to issues, this spray will last for 87 days. Used once a day for general immune boosting or preventative purposes, it will last for 175 days. Unlike our creams which have many additional ingredients added to support the GcMAF, the GcMAF in this spray is simply diluted in saline. This means it is a very cost-effective option if you are looking to benefit from supplementing GcMAF as part of an approach to illness or simply just to maintain good immune health.

For most issues we recommend using the spray twice a day for 3 months. This means 1 x 25ml bottle is sufficient to see through this initial period. We do have a smaller 10ml spray which is exactly the same potency, but this only lasts for 35 days so you would need to purchase 2-3 bottles to use for the recommended 3 month period.

Sublingual application

To use, simply spray under the back of the tongue twice a day. The liquid formula is designed to be absorbed into the capillaries under the thin layers of tongue tissue and distributed throughout the broader blood/circulatory systems. This is a very effective way for the GcMAF to activate monocytes (macrophages in the blood) as well as those located in connected tissues/organs, into a phagocytic state. The spray is not designed to be digested. We recommend not eating for 15 minutes before after use so that is not attached to food/liquid particles and digested. If GcMAF is digested the stomach acids will break it down, thus rendering it useless. This is why we DO NOT recommend using any type of GcMAF product which is digested including tablets, lollies or yogurts regardless of what the manufacturer says about enteric coatings or the like. These are simply ineffective.

How it works...

GcMAF sublingual spray diagram

Product instructions


The recommended daily dose is 1 spray once or twice a day. For best results spray under the tongue, use away from food times, or 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after food. You can also nebulize the spray, however this is not necessary as sublingual application is usually the most effective.

Health and Safety

  • Do not exceed recommended daily dose
  • This is not a substitute for a healthy diet
  • Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding unless specified by your doctor
  • Keep refrigerated and use within 9 months of opening
  • Before starting any nutritional or diet please always consult your medical practitioner.
  • Always seek advice from a trained practitioner before starting any food supplement program.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose unless under the guidance of a practitioner.


Keep out of direct sunlight at all times and store in the refrigerator after opening.