Transdermal Creams

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All GcMAFplus® products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

Transdermal and Sublingual are the best non-intrusive ways to administer GcMAF and optimize its benefits.

Transdermal and Sublingual: The use of our own proprietary blend formula facilitates the transport of GcMAF into the underlying layers, where it gains access to the lymphatic system.  Once in the lymphatic system, GcMAF can interact with immune cells, especially macrophages, and activate them. Activated macrophages play a crucial role in identifying and eliminating harmful agents, pathogens and abnormal cells, thereby bolstering the immune system’s healing and defence mechanisms.

By directly working within the lymphatic system, our specialized transdermal GcMAF formula ensures targeted delivery and immune modulation. The GcMAF activation of macrophages enhances their ability to support the body in healing and defending against a wide range of health challenges.

This innovative approach allows individuals to experience the benefits of immune support without invasive procedures or systemic side effects. With our transdermal GcMAF creams, we empower the immune system to work efficiently and naturally, aiding the body in its healing journey and promoting overall well-being. Our commitment to excellence in formulation and dedication to cutting-edge science make us a leading provider of transdermal GcMAF, redefining immune health support for the better.


Our specialized formulation of transdermal GcMAF creams is a breakthrough in immunotherapy, designed to permeate the skin and effectively reach the lymphatic system, where it can activate macrophages and support the immune system in healing the body. Unlike conventional creams, our advanced formula incorporates cutting-edge technology, allowing the GcMAF to pass through the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin, with remarkable efficiency.

The claims that GcMAF protein has a large size and contains numerous hydrophilic and hydrophobic amino acids, making it unable to permeate passively across the skin due to the stratum corneum, are inaccurate and misleading.  While it is true that certain large molecules may face challenges in penetrating the skin barrier, our unique formulation of transdermal GcMAF has overcome these obstacles through advance technology and specialized proprietary formula.

Through meticulous research and development, we have successfully created our proprietary GcMAF and enhancing its ability to traverse the stratum corneum, facilitating the transport of GcMAF across the skin barrier.

While some competitors may not see the advantages of applying GcMAF protein to the skin we firmly believe in the potential of transdermal GcMAF to provide a non-invasive and convenient method of immune support.  The cutting-edge technology employed in our formulation has revolutionized the delivery of GcMAF, making it possible for the protein to penetrate the skin and fulfill its immune-stimulating functions, and to reach the targeted areas, including the dermis and hypodermis, where immune cells, particularly macrophages, reside.

With our transdermal GcMAF, individuals can experience the benefits of immune modulation without the need for invasive procedures or oral consumption, that the stomach acids get to before the client can see the benefits. We stand behind the science and efficacy of our unique formulation, which sets us apart as the leading provider of transdermal GcMAF and reinforces our commitment to supporting people’s immune health in the most effective and innovative way possible.

Our transdermal GcMAF stands head and shoulders above others on the market due to its unique and specialized formula that enables superior skin penetration. Unlike our competitors, we have invested significantly in research and development to create an innovative formulation that ensures efficient absorption through the skin.


Sublingual administration of GcMAF involves placing the GcMAF solution under the tongue and holding it there for a brief period. This method allows the GcMAF to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the thin membranes of the oral mucosa, bypassing the harsh acidic environment of the stomach.

The membranes under the tongue are rich in blood vessels and capillaries, which provide a direct route to the bloodstream. When GcMAF is held under the tongue, it quickly diffuses into these blood vessels, enabling its transport to the lymphatic system and other areas throughout the body.

Once in the bloodstream, the GcMAF can reach the lymphatic system, where it interacts with macrophages. These immune cells get activated, bolstering the immune system’s response to various health challenges, including pathogens, abnormal cells, and foreign substances.

Sublingual administration offers several advantages over traditional oral consumption. By avoiding the digestive process in the stomach, more GcMAF can reach the bloodstream intact, ensuring a higher bioavailability and a faster onset of action.

It’s important to note that sublingual administration is just one of the several delivery methods for GcMAF, and each method has its own advantages depending on the specific situation and individual preferences. The sublingual route is particularly favoured for its rapid absorption and efficiency in delivering GcMAF to the lymphatic system, where it can exert its immune-stimulating effects.

Both sublingual and transdermal GcMAF are non-invasive and generally well-tolerated, offering a patient-friendly approach to immune support. These delivery methods are particularly attractive for individuals seeking an alternative to injections or those who may have concerns about infection risks associated with injectable therapies. By providing comparable potency and efficacy, sublingual and transdermal GcMAF contribute to a more comfortable and convenient experience while supporting the body’s natural immune defence mechanisms.